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Principle Investigator

Yosef Grodzinsky

Yosef Grodzinsky is a Professor at ELSC and at the Department of cognitive Science at the Hebrew University. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-1), forschungszentrum Jülich. He is interested in the neural bases, processing and acquisition of formal linguistic knowledge, which he studies in both health and brain disease. He is also interested in the neural bases of logic and reasoning. Current projects: the neural basis of negation, logical abilities in schizophrenia, the acquisition of pronominal reference, the processing of comparatives, quantification in aphasia.


Andreas Haida

Andreas Haida's research interests concern the relation between language and logic. On the one hand, he investigates the linguistics and psychology of logical reasoning, viz. how the performance of logical reasoning is impeded by scalar inference computation and other non-logical inferential methods employed in sentence interpretation. On the other hand, he explores the logicality of language, viz. how logical properties of linguistic expressions determine their non-logical properties such as their grammaticality status and implied attitudes towards their content (e.g. speaker ignorance or agent indifference). Some of his recent works can be found on LingBuzz (

PhD Student, ELSC

I-An Tan

I-An Tan is a PhD student at ELSC at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She earned her MA in Linguistics from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan in 2016. She is interested in formal linguistics and language processing. Her current work focuses on the processing of polarity items.

B.Sc. Student, Computer Science and Cognitive Science

Kedem Snir

Kedem Snir is a research assistant at the Grodzinsky Lab. She is currently studying towards her BSc in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. She is an intern at Google Research.

 Graduate Student, Cognitive Science

Nitsan Kugler-Etinger

Nitsan Kugler-Etinger is a graduate student at the Grodzinsky Lab. She is studying towards her Master’s degree in Cognitive Science, focusing on Neurolinguistics. She is a former Speech and Language Pathologist at ALYN Hospital - pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation center in Jerusalem, holding BA degree in Communication Disorders.

M.A. Student, Cognitive Science and Musicology

Assaf Brown

Assaf Brown is an M.A. student at the lab. He is studying cognitive science and musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as composition studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

Post-doc, Bar Ilan University

Galit Agmon

Galit Agmon is a recent ELSC graduate and lab alumna.

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